Courage, determination, and willpower – that’s who we are.

The courage to craft unconventional wines, timeless and in harmony with nature.

The determination to live in accordance with biological rhythms, where humanity and the vine intertwine.

The will to fulfill a dream, starting with the preservation and regeneration of the environment.

Flaibani Winery is located in the Cividale del Friuli area (Udine), near the border between Italy and Slovenia, where meadows, forests, and valleys unfold in a continuous expanse of vibrant green, a landscape we are committed to preserving.

The Earth…

“We have 3 hectares of vineyards and 6 hectares of surrounding woodland, all terraced with steep slopes. We produce less than 10,000 bottles of 6 different types of wine.
Our uniqueness lies in being red grape cultivators in a region like Friuli Venezia Giulia, predominantly known today for white wines. Historically, the area of Colli Orientali del Friuli, where we are located, is an ideal place for the production of red wines, and we have followed what we found, cultivating vines, including centenarians, along with younger ones aged 20-30 years.”.

… the vineyards …

In cultivating our lands, we have chosen organic farming and exclusively use copper and sulfur.

We apply biodynamic preparations with great care because we are convinced that the quality of wine (and our life) is deeply connected to vineyard attention and environmental respect.

… the wine

In cantina cerchiamo di intervenire il meno possibile, confrontandoci con ogni singolo vino e le sue potenzialità. Il mosto che sarà vino ci indica la strada e, con dedizione e attenzione, attraversiamo tutte le fasi della vinificazione. Ci muoviamo in equilibrio fra il giusto tempo di intervento e la giusta pausa e, passo dopo passo, arriviamo in bottiglia. Il vino spesso riposa per molti mesi, prima di andare in vendita. Sappiamo che attendere il giusto tempo per ogni annata darà maggiore soddisfazione a tutti….

A glass at Flaibani’s home.

“The doors of our winery are always open because we believe that wine tasted in the place where it’s produced has a unique flavor!

We look forward to showing you our vineyards, our trees, and telling you about our work. You can also make direct purchases of our wines.

Thanks to the FIVI app, you can easily find us!”