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Alex Podolinsky

Friuli Venezia Giulia can only be loved!

It is a small region on the edge of north-eastern Italy that has a millenary vocation for wine growing. Numerous family and artisan farms are based here and cultivate a few hectares each..

We are among them and our winery is located in the Cividale del Friuli area, close to the border with Slovenia, amidst woods and lush vegetation: our vineyards are part of this immense green area, where the hand of man is lost.

Our wines


Our true 100% Friulian white,
produced from an old variety of
yellow Tocai grapes with a red stem. 

Pinot Grigio

A white, or rather not-so-white, that we’ve always vinified as ramato: 24 hours of maceration for an intense color and delicate taste.


Our Prince of indigenous reds.
An elegant wine with delicate scents
of Damask rose and red fruits.

Cabernet Franc

It comes from old Carmenere vines:
elegant and spicy, almost unrecognizable
compared to classic Cabernet Franc.


The blend of red grape varieties, though not in every vintage, gives life to TENTAZIONE,
the Bordeaux that speaks Friulian.


The Merlot is unequivocally a ‘Friulian Merlot,’ not jammy or overly fruity, but restrained and refined, reinterpreted with subtle spicy notes.

A glass at
Flaibani’s home.

The doors of our vineyard are always open because we believe that wine tasted at the place of its creation has a truly special flavor!
We welcome you to explore our vineyards, our trees, and to learn about our winemaking process. You can also make direct purchases of our wines.
Thanks to the FIVI app, finding us is easy!

Associations and Affiliations

We believe in sharing and collaboration, the pursuit of common goals, spreading a culture should be a strength and support for everyone.

FIVI – Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers

The Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers aims to represent the figure of the grape grower in front of institutions, promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines.

“With Biodynamics, we are not healers of diseases, but builders of health.”

“In the early ’90s, some of our founding members encountered the experienced biodynamic farmer, Alex Podolinsky.

Thanks to his guidance, they achieved astonishing results on their farms in just a few years. Visible soil structuring, increased soil fertility, and a significant rise in organic matter were among the outcomes.

This led to improved health for both plants and animals, resulting in tastier products with longer shelf life.”

Produrre un vino vivo РBiodinamicità e dintorni

Looking forward to your visit.

“Getting to us is easy. Just follow the map below. We look forward to seeing you!”

To ensure the best reception, please book at or contact us at +39 329 473 2172.