Our true 100% Friulian white, produced from an old variety of Tocai Friulano with a red stem.

Pinot Grigio

A white, not-so-white, that we’ve always vinified as ramato: 24 hours of maceration for an intense color and delicate taste.


Our Prince of indigenous reds. An elegant wine with delicate scents of Damask rose and red fruits.

Cabernet Franc

It comes from old Carmenere vines: elegant and spicy, almost unrecognizable compared to the classic Cabernet Franc.


The blend of red grape varieties, though not in every vintage, gives rise to TENTAZIONE, the Bordeaux that speaks Friulian.


The Merlot is truly a “Friulian Merlot,” neither overly ripe nor jammy, but restrained and refined, reinterpreted with subtle spicy notes.


We produce a single white wine in the strictest sense of the word: it’s the Riviere, which is 100% Friulano, made from an old variety of yellow Tocai grapes with red stems.

It’s a decidedly original wine, with a marked and distinctive identity: fine and elegant, it possesses an inner strength and a structure that remarkably allow it to compete with great red wines.

Pinot Grigio

The Ramato Pinot Grigio is a “not-so-white” white, always vinified in accordance with local tradition through skin maceration for several hours, giving it a very intense, almost amber color.

This winemaking technique imparts the wine with tannins and aromas from the grape skins, making it a wine of considerable depth with delicate and highly elegant fragrances.


The Schioppettino, for us, is our Prince of indigenous reds. Its uniqueness is derived from Rotundone, the molecule it shares with pepper and some wines, including Schioppettino, with the distinctive olfactory characteristics we all know.

In cooler and rainier vintages, which often characterize this small portion of Friuli, there is no other grape variety in the world with this concentration of rotundone!

Peppery notes blend with delicate scents of rose and red fruits, which then chase each other on the palate. Absolutely captivating!

Cabernet Franc

The Cabernet Franc comes from old Carmenere vines, which are over 40 years old.

The confusion in the name stems from an error that occurred in Italian nurseries before the ’90s, where Carmenere cuttings were all sold in Italy as Cabernet Franc.

This wine is elegant and spicy, devoid of the herbaceous notes that typically evoke a textbook Cabernet Franc.

It is characterized by aromas and flavors of spices, chinotto, and red fruits, notes that are accentuated in our vineyard by a genetic peculiarity shared by many of our vines, imparting unusual flavors.


Tentazione is born from the blend of red international grape varieties, mainly Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, with the integration of Cabernet Franc and one of the two indigenous varieties, Schioppettino or Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, in some vintages.

Its composition varies from year to year, making Tentazione a Bordeaux blend strongly characterized by the vintage. It is a wine of beautiful structure without being massive, with great freshness that does not confuse with acidity.

It is a very balanced wine that does not feel the passage of years and allows for very long aging.


Our Merlot is undoubtedly a Friulian-style Merlot, pleasant and refined, where freshness prevails while maintaining a broad structure.

It is characterized by beautiful spicy notes due to the age of the vineyard and the composition of the soils.

A Merlot that surprises with every sip, thanks to its versatility in pairings and moments of consumption.

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