vignaioli indipendenti


Drops of wisdom

Nondum matura est, nolo acerbam sumere.

The large number of our culture, the Bible, it is said that the myth of Noah's first cultivated and planted a vineyard. Survived the great flood that had united humanity and nature in the devastation, Noah first places a gesture of great hope, he contracted a marriage with the ground already planting a tree, in fact, is a sign of great hope, but the plant a vineyard even more so because it takes years and years to enjoy the fruit, you have to decide to make a covenant with the ground, to stop there for a long time to work it all a waste.

We can imagine the amazement of Noah when he finally in my hands those bunches long expected, we can see almost fascinated and seduced by a mysterious fact: those having squeezed grapes harvested to drink the juice, he realizes that this is fermented, it becomes wort, bubbling , lifts, like the belly of a pregnant woman, as the mixture of water and grain flour. Noah drinking the juice that sees an unexpected vitality, experienced joy, you feel comforted by all the sadness experienced during the flood: he had seen too many. Can we charge him for drinking again, trying to oblivion and consolation in the result of the work of their hands? We can blame him for the thrill of those who did not know the size? But no measure had been crossed misfortunes, without measure anxiety for the future lifeless.