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Flaibani Friuli masterpieces

Flaibani, passion for wine

Excellent quality from native grapes and skilful blend, Flaibani wines are noteworthy not only for their personality, but also for their variety. A half of the annual production (of about 20,000 bottles) consists in red wine representing an exception in the Friuli wine-making tradition.
Four red grapes are cultivated among the varieties of grapes grown in the farm: Cabernet Franc (Carmenère), Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Schioppettino.
Friulano and Pinot Grigio are the two white grape varieties.

A glass at Flaibani’s

Pino Flaibani, born in Udine, lived in Milan where he worked in the press and newspapers industry. After the earthquake which stroke Friuli in May 1976, he went back to his land willing to help. It was then, that he felt the desire to return. A few months later he moved with his family to Cividale del Friuli, in the little house among hills and woods that is now the heart of Flaibani winery. Here he began to study and take care of the vineyard to make wine. Once retired, the wine became his job. Bruna, his daughter-in-law, and some close friends helped him to make the dream of his whole life true.
The hectares are few and so are the bottles produced. Bottles of special wines, listed in the most authoritative guides in Italy and abroad. This is the outcome of the blessed position of the vineyard, which faces sunshine all day long and allows the grapes to reach the proper level of maturity.
The choices on how the wine shall be are met in the small wine cellar of Flaibani house, where the whole family tastes, discusses and imagines what the wine will become. And in the heart of Flaibani house, the kitchen, is warmly welcomed who comes to taste wines and learn about the winery.


When looking at Flaibani vineyard from the hill, one see a special garden. It stretches over an area of about 5 hectares of hilly land facing south, southwest. Pino and his family take care of the vineyard with the same attention they dedicate at the work in the cellar, to preserve flavour and persistence in white wines and to have mellow and pleasant well-structured red wines.

So cared of, the vineyard produces between 35 and 60 quintals per hectare on steep terraces, with a good exposure. The position of the vineyard in a natural amphitheatre and the unique microclimate, when compared to the one of the vineyards a few hundred meters away, favours full maturation of all grapes. The acres are few, as well as the bottles produced, the cellar is really small, but right for the present production.

With the traditional winepress we make great wine

Pino and Bruna Flaibani's ambition is to produce only high quality wines, the best in Friuli. To achieve this, we dedicate with sensitivity and passion to vineyard care and grapes processing.
We harvest grapes by hand during the coolest hours of the day. Then we gather the grapes in boxes, in order to preserve their aromas and organoleptic characteristics.

The white grapes, after stalk removal, are subject to cold maceration. They are then fermented at controlled temperatures. The red grapes undergo the same procedure, although in different times and methods. This process ensures excellent preservation of the aromas.

As in the past, the pressing is done with the traditional winepress, which respects the grapes and allows the wines to retain features which would otherwise go lost.

Even the wine aging process is performed very carefully. The white wines are aged in steel. Red wines remain in oak barrels for about eight months and after this period wines that are worthy because of their structure and consistency, are aged in wood for over eighteen months. Wine aging continues in the bottle.

In the cultivation of their land Flaibani chose not to use chemical fertilizers and significantly reduced the use of pesticides in the belief that the quality of the wine is deeply rooted in the attention to the vineyard and to the respect for the environment.